The Solem Effect

To enter into and succeed in competitive markets with high entry costs, developing an effective point of differentiation is critical. At Solem we make it our business to find the intrinsic point of differentiation for each client project.

The Solem Approach

Taking our industry knowledge, experience and know-how and applying it to market analysis and insights, every strategic decision we make and every commercialisation plan we develop is grounded in a fundamental understanding of the market, and the opportunity it presents.

Adopting a fearless and committed approach, we build models and plans based on original thinking that challenge convention, creating innovative, tailormade paths to success for novel therapies, devices and diagnostics.

Bloated proposals and strategic ‘help’ filled with re-treaded, inexecutable, templated “answers” aren’tpart of the Solem approach.

European Navigator

Solem Navigator leverages a series of proprietary tools tailored for life sciences companies, enabling them to map out a clear path towards realising the full value of their assets under development. Each tool aligns with the evolution of a company as they progress through clinical development planning, prelaunch and commercial phases.

Our Principles

We’re a group of like-minded individuals with a collective mission: To help pharmaceutical organisations successfully finance, launch and deliver on a global scale, advancements in medical care that improve patient health.

We apply the valuable experience and industry knowledge acquired throughout our careers but adopt a results-focused approach based on clear principles:

  • Look for a new way
  • Original thinking over rigid process
  • Always ask “How does our client benefit?”
  • Creativity of thought delivers success
  • Doing the right thing is always the right thing

How we work

Who gets anywhere new and ground-breaking without taking a step that hasn’t been taken before, without doing things that haven’t been done before? Nowhere is this more relevant than in the field of pharmaceuticals and life sciences. We share the same commitment as you to helping our industry make lives better and healthier. And that’s what propels us forward, finding new, innovative ways to create better outcomes.

When you work with us, you see everything we do, every step of the way. Because being transparent and open creates a stronger relationship built on trust, and it gets to the root of every challenge. We believe that working as partners enables us to share your agenda, making your goals our goals so we can work to deliver the outcome you need, collaborating at every stage of the process to share knowledge, information and insights to reach the right result.

A RESOURCING CASE STUDY Staffing an On-Demand Regulatory Team

Our client was faced with the daunting challenge of building the right sized internal team to support their efforts in launching into new international territories. Alternatively, they could opt to access our experienced on-demand regulatory team that would allow them the flexibility to use as and when required. There was only one intelligent solution.