Outlicence Alternative

Delivering Commercial Excellence

Solem’s powerful and driven team offers an unrivalled level of operational excellence that’s evolved across a broad portfolio of services and now covers a global marketplace. The capabilities first employed to dynamic effect in operational projects have formed the transformative backbone to our alternative commercialisation approach Globally.

A compelling alternative to outlicencing, we offer a de-risked model which gives our clients a detailed and comprehensive commercialisation solution across European and International markets. One which leverages a tailored launch plan, strategic brand plan and locally refined but fully integrated execution, all fulfilled by a bold team of in-market experts.

As a route to successful commercialisation, Solem’s proprietary European Navigator has been developed to deliver what our clients need: the optimal balance of reduced financial risk, maximised top line revenues and global brand awareness. The model allows clients to:

  • Retain all top line revenues
  • Retain all marketing authorisations
  • Ensure consistent delivery of international branding and messaging that’s culturally aware
  • Eliminate hire-fire risk and accelerates timelines to sourcing top talent
  • Typically realize breakeven in under 24 months from launch
  • Develop an international organisation capable of easily expanding as additional assets and indications approach prelaunch phases

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AN ONCOLOGY CASE STUDY How we saved our client several million dollars on a clinical trial

A high-profile biotech management team engaged us to prepare a comprehensive European landscape assessment and obtain KOL thoughts about their new oncology product from physicians not involved in their clinical trials. Our long track record in oncology was invaluable when we uncovered some difficult challenges.

OUR EXPERTISE European Navigator

Solem's European Navigator leverages a series of proprietary tools tailored for life sciences companies, enabling them to map out a clear path towards realising the full value of their assets under development. Each tool aligns with the evolution of a company as they progress through clinical development planning, prelaunch and commercial phases.

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Solem is an international life sciences consultancy committed to developing and executing tailored client solutions that navigate complex product development and commercialisation challenges, ensuring innovative treatments find their way to market and to patients in need.