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Solem's European Navigator leverages a series of proprietary tools tailored for life sciences companies, enabling them to map out a clear path towards realising the full value of their assets under development. Each tool aligns with the evolution of a company as they progress through clinical development planning, prelaunch and commercial phases.

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Solem is an international life sciences consultancy committed to developing and executing tailored client solutions that navigate complex product development and commercialisation challenges, ensuring innovative treatments find their way to market and to patients in need.

A compelling alternative to outlicencing, we offer a de-risked model which gives our clients a detailed and comprehensive commercialisation solution across European and International markets. One which leverages a tailored launch plan, strategic brand plan and locally refined but fully integrated execution, all fulfilled by a bold team of in-market experts.

The Outlicencing Alternative

Solem’s powerful and driven team offers an unrivalled level of operational excellence that’s evolved across a broad portfolio of services and now covers a global marketplace. The capabilities first employed to dynamic effect in operational projects have formed the transformative backbone to our alternative commercialisation approach Globally.

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Pete Zaudtke


Jürgen Reiher

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Dr. Gabi Kothny-Wilkes


Jason Johnson

Global New Business Development

A NAVIGATOR CASE STUDY The value of a proven executable path.

When a biotech organisation adopted the common thought process of believing that prelaunch work would fall to the commercial partner, they suddenly found themselves concerned about being behind. We were able to launch our proven Navigator process to help bring our client back on schedule and avoided and delayed launch timescales.